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Ricks Powder Coating: Defining Industry Standards in Memphis, TN

Introducing Ricks Powder Coating, the epitome of precision and quality in the powder coating industry of Memphis, TN. Our establishment stands as a beacon of excellence, with a rich history and unwavering commitment to mastery, loyalty, and unparalleled service. We have consistently raised the bar in providing superior powder coating solutions, catering to a wide range of industrial, automotive, and architectural needs.

A Legacy of Powder Coating Excellence

The journey of Ricks Powder Coating is one of relentless pursuit of perfection in surface finishing. Founded on the principles of dedication and innovation, our history is a testament to our deep-rooted commitment to the craft. Over the years, we have honed our skills, embraced technological advancements, and upheld the highest standards of quality, setting us apart as leaders in the powder coating industry.

Unmatched Mastery in Surface Finishing

Mastery in powder coating is the hallmark of Ricks Powder Coating. Our team of experts, equipped with extensive knowledge and experience, excels in delivering finishes that are not only aesthetically superior but also exceptionally durable. We specialize in a comprehensive range of powder coating services, adeptly handling everything from intricate automotive components to large-scale industrial projects. Our meticulous approach ensures flawless application, superior finish, and longevity.

Unyielding Loyalty to Our Clientele

At Ricks Powder Coating, loyalty to our clients is paramount. We believe in building strong, lasting relationships based on trust, transparency, and consistent delivery of outstanding results. Our dedication to customer satisfaction drives us to provide tailored solutions, meeting the unique requirements and expectations of each client. We value the trust placed in us and strive to be a reliable and ethical partner in all our business engagements.

Excellence: Our Uncompromising Standard

Excellence is the cornerstone of our operations at Ricks Powder Coating. Every project we undertake is a commitment to achieving the highest level of quality and precision. Our facility is outfitted with cutting-edge powder coating technology, enabling us to handle diverse projects with unmatched efficiency and accuracy. We are steadfast in our commitment to delivering results that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Our Pledge to Deliver Superior Service

Our mission at Ricks Powder Coating is to provide services that transcend the expectations of our clients. We are dedicated to continuous advancement, keeping abreast of the latest developments in powder coating technology and techniques. Our team is always on hand to offer expert advice and personalized service, ensuring that every client receives the optimal solution for their powder coating needs.

Reach Out to Ricks Powder Coating: Your Premier Surface Finishing Expert

For all your powder coating requirements in Memphis, TN, choose Ricks Powder Coating. Whether it’s enhancing the durability of automotive parts, adding aesthetic value to architectural elements, or providing robust finishes for industrial components, we are here to deliver expert solutions. Contact us today to discuss your project, and experience the unparalleled quality and service that Ricks Powder Coating is renowned for.

Services Offered
Powder Coating services
Ornamental IronThis service focuses on the design and fabrication of high-quality ironwork, adding both aesthetic appeal and value to properties. Ornamental iron works include custom gates, railings, and decorative pieces that enhance the architectural beauty of a building. These creations are not only visually appealing but also provide security and durability, making them a practical addition to both residential and commercial properties.
Industrial CoatingThis service is essential for protecting industrial equipment and structures from environmental and chemical damages. Industrial coatings are specialized paints applied to surfaces to guard against corrosion, wear, and tear. This protective layer is crucial for maintaining the integrity and longevity of machinery, steel structures, and other industrial components, ensuring they withstand harsh working conditions and extend their service life.
Automotive Powder CoatingThis process involves applying a dry powder coating to automotive parts, which is then cured under heat to form a hard, protective finish. Automotive powder coating is known for its durability and resistance to chipping, fading, and scratching. It is an ideal choice for enhancing the appearance and longevity of automotive components, including wheels, frames, and engine parts, providing a superior alternative to traditional liquid paints.
Motorcycle Powder CoatingSimilar to automotive powder coating, this service is specifically tailored for motorcycles. It offers a robust and attractive finish for various motorcycle parts, ensuring they are protected against the elements and everyday wear. Motorcycle powder coating is a popular choice for customizing the look of the bike while also providing an extra layer of durability and corrosion resistance.
Ceramic Header CoatingsThis high-performance coating service is designed for exhaust headers and other high-temperature components of an engine. Ceramic header coatings significantly reduce heat emission, which in turn enhances the performance and efficiency of the engine. These coatings also protect against corrosion and thermal fatigue, extending the life of the headers and maintaining their appearance over time.
Materials such as wrought iron and steel are common in ornamental ironwork, and finishes may include paint, powder coating, or patina for a decorative effect.
Industrial coating services follow strict quality control processes, surface preparation, and coating application techniques to ensure a durable and effective protective layer.
Powder coating provides a thicker, more durable finish, offers better resistance to chipping and fading, and can be applied more efficiently than traditional painting methods.
Ceramic header coatings reduce heat transfer to surrounding components, decrease under-hood temperatures, and enhance exhaust gas flow, resulting in improved engine performance and longevity.
Ornamental iron services are often sought in construction, architecture, and landscaping for projects like gates, fences, railings, and decorative elements.
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